StB/WP Mag. Armin Obermayr

After many years working for big-four companies in Germany and abroad, in 2018 I decided to take the step to become self-employed.
This allows me to make the knowledge accumulated during my career available to companies that cannot afford big-four companies, without neglecting quality standards.

Tax consulting - as we understand it - is more than the implementation of legal regulations. Added value is created by presenting the impact of regulatory changes on the business environment and business model of our clients as well as the tax implications of changes in the business environment.

Sustainable tax consulting is characterised by the fact that it not only takes into account the impact of tax solutions on all major types of taxation and possible accounting effects, but also adapts to the solutions developed in the client’s company. That is why we are always interested in our clients’ business.
VAT experts

A special emphasis in our work lies in legal advice on value added tax (VAT) and customs as well as in legal enforcement.
We are also happy to support colleagues in these areas.

My experience in auditing, including completing the auditor’s exam, allows me to use the usual auditing standards in other areas such as system checks, due diligence checks and supply chain checks.